With great happiness inform that the Beacon is again in the air.

Now with specific equipment for this purpose since last Beacon is in air with the following characteristics:

– Call Sign: PP1CZ.

– Frequency: 50,085

– Power: 10 to 20 Watts (only in the first days of testing will be 20 Watts, and then dropped to 10 Watts).

– Transmitter: specifically manufactured to be a Beacon (equipment very well built), Switched source of Alinco, Model DM-330MV.

– Antenna: Vertical 5/8 wavelength.

– Message: “VVV DE PP1CZ PP1CZ GG99UQ” followed by 06 letters and before a pause of 1 second for the message repeated.

For now the Beacon is in my house, but in a few weeks will be transferred to a fixed address, which should be in the final.

Later this weekend I will take pictures of it and put on my QRZ page.

Thank you in advance report on who you listen to.

My thanks to the friend who helped me in achieving this dream.

 73 PP1CZ – Leo.