From Manu LU9ESD:

Reported this unfortunate news. We lost LU1DMA.

Luis LU1DMA was our reference on the “band magic” in Argentina, with 186 DXCC comfirmed in 6 meters.

Luis gerneral informations. Highlights of its rich 58 hamradio years:

11/18/55 He received from the Ministry of Communications LU1DMA license. RES 3306 MC/53.
08/17/62 His first contact with LU5DZ QRP with 250 MW. input AM.
05/10/62 His first contact on 50 Mhz with 50,550 LU1ADC with crystal-25W in AM.
05/10/62 His first contact with XE1GE in DX 50 Mhz.
02/04/69 His first “DX” on 144 Mhz with LU2FAO AM.
05/07/71 His rise to Superior Cat Exp 17144/71.
11/13/72 The first contact between two International Satellite radio amateur Via PY2CSS Oscar 6 with cross-band 144/29, 45 Mhz.
03/01/79 Contacted at 144.3 Mhz SSB WB9YWN.
02/04/82 Implementation of the repeater “West” in his 145.210 Mhz QTH.
06/04/00 H44PT communicated with Peter in Salomon Is Long Path 26,000 km.


73 de Manu LU9ESD / LR9D