I will be returning to Bhutan with my good friend Pekka, OH1TV late September this year. The callsign we are going to use is still open, alternatives are A52O or A52YY. We will arrive in Paro late afternoon on Sept. 26th and will depart in the morning of Oct. 2nd. We will be staying close to the city of Paro. This time we have no other activities in Bhutan and we can focus 100% on amateur radio! The QTH will be up on a hill facing to north and it should give a good take off to North America, most of South America, northern Asia, Middle-East and whole Europe

We will have 2 pcs of  K3’s. We are planning to have 3 pcs of  2-el yagis: a tribander 14/21/28, a duobander 17/24 and one that can be manually tuned to any band 18/21/24/28MHz. In additon we will have a dipole/vertical  for 7 MHz. We will also have a 3-el yagi for 6 meters. We will operate both SSB and CW. We try to start the operation already in the evening of Sept. 26th with a temporary antenna set-up. From 27th onwards we will have the yagis up. On Oct. 2nd we will have a morning flight and need to go QRT sometime during the night

So, this is the plan at the moment and if we have to deviate from it, we will let you know.

Looking forward for nice pile-ups and we hope to be able to give a new one or at least a new band to many of you.

QSL checking will be here and in LotW. QSL cards dirctly to the home address of OH2YY or via SRAL QSL bureau.

Pekka OH2YY.