The PT0S team will be making a special effort to put St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks on 6 meters during its November 12 to 24 operation. November is good time for TEP. Furthermore, there may be TEP propagation combining with E openings.

We have experienced 50MHz operators and will be taking high performance gear to effectively exploit openings. The 6 meter station will include a K3 Transceiver, a 350 W solid state amplifier and a M2 6M8GJ yagi antenna. During daylight hours we will have a dedicated SDR monitoring the 6 meter band and KX3 receiver constantly monitoring 50.110MHz ..

We’ll operate on SSB and CW and an additional effort will be made for 6m EME, during the time when the moon is at the horizon.

Our operating frequencies will be:

CW: 50.101 MHz
SSB: 50.115 MHz

EME (JT65A): 50.200 MHz, PT0S will transmit the first sequence.

We would like to thank W7GJ, W1JJ and KS7DX for loan of equipment as well as the 6m community for its past and future support.

Fred, PY2XB