We are pleased to announce that the new Navassa 2015 DXpedition website is up and running.  It can be found at www.navassadx.com.

Also, it is official…our call sign will be K1N.

Team members are: AA7JV, KØIR, K4UEE, K5AC, K9CT, KT4TTT, N2OO, N2TU, N4GRN, N6MZ, NA5U, NM1Y, WØGJ, W6IZT, WB9Z.

We will update the website often as more information becomes available.  We are working closely with the USFWS and are pleased with their “can do” attitude.  We should have specific dates shortly, but the team has cleared their schedules to be available for the two week operation starting in late January 2015.

Fundraising has begun.  If able, we encourage you to financially support the project.


for the DXpedition team
Bob K4UEE, Glenn WØGJ, Mike NA5U