The first helicopter flight of the day (the second overall) took off at sunrise this morning.  It contained only cargo, health and welfare supplies and no operators.  The second flight today has Team Members Gregg W6IZT, John W2GD and Ralph KØIR along with gear.  It landed on Navassa at 1800z.

The next (and probably last) flight of the day will include radios and two Team Members Craig K9CT and Lou N2TU.

There is a strong possibility that we will have two or three stations on the air tonight — smack in the middle of Super Bowl XLIX!

The team on the island reports strong winds, very hot temperature, rats as large as cats, scorpions, Black Widow spiders, and some Haitians.  Despite all that, progress is being made building the camp infrastructure.

After the last flight today, there will be eight Team Members on the island leaving six still in Jamaica.  Our last Team Member George AA7JV and “Electra” remain in port in Jamaica awaiting improving weather.