G0VDE, Bill say that the latest news indicates that initial SA Airlink flights should start this Autumn, which is when he planning to visit the island. He will be active as ZD7VDE starting on October 14, 2017.

He decided to visit St Helena as it is in fairly high demand (around number 120 on the Most-Wanted DX lists), is currently difficult to reach but will be significantly easier once the airport is open. It will be very exciting to be on one of the first commercial flights to land on the Island!

The equipment:

FT 991 HF/VHF rig
IC 7300 HF/VHF rig – or
FT 891 HF/VHF rig

A small, lightweight linear (Juma PA1000 – only 5.5 kg) Power supplies, PC for logging, data modes and email (hopefully there will be cellular and possibly wifi internet connectivity)

Antennas – to be decided, but probably a mixture including verticals, wire antennas and lightweight poles to get the wires into the air. He planning to take a 40 foot Spiderpole and may have the use of a similar 60 foot pole that has been left on ZD7 by Nigel G3TXF.

He have asked Phil, G3SWH, to be the QSL manager for ZD7VDE. 

Visit  http://www.sthelenadx.com for  more  information