Lance W7GJ will be active as VK9CGJ from Cocos Keeling (OC-003) between 12 and 30 September 2017, and as VK9XGJ from Christmas Island (OC-002) between 01 and 21 October.

VK9CGJ in NH87jt West Island, Cocos/Keeling, Australia (CQ DX Zone 29, IOTA OC-003) September 12-30, 2017

VK9XGJ in OH29un Christmas Island, Australia (CQ DX Zone 29, IOTA OC-002) October 1-21, 2017

He say:
“This DXpedition will be one of the most expensive and lengthy dedicated 6m EME DXpeditions in which I have been involved. Not only is it a long, expensive journey to get there, but both these DXCC are also very expensive places to stay. And in order to activate both DXCC during optimum times of the month for EME, the trip had to be stretched out over more than 6 weeks. But it is worth it to go someplace VERY rare so you can hand out a new DXCC with virtually every half million mile contact!

In order to provide sufficient advance planning for stations wishing to contact me while I am overseas, I am providing plenty of advance notice of this DXpedition. I urge you to gain experience with JT65A for EME and especially review the QSO PROCEDURE that I use most effectively on these DXpeditions. Note that you MUST USE JT65A FROM WSJT because only the JT65A in WSJT has the two tone “shorthand messages” that I will be using for RO, RRR and 73! I look forward to contacting you on 6m!

As you know, a good location can mean everything to the success of one of these DXpeditions. For more insight into the steps I take for 6m EME DXpeditions, I have an updated paper HERE.

I hope you will make the effort to look for me from both these rare DXCC!”

QSL direct to W7GJ.

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