Russian operators YL Elena, A25BE/RC5A; Yuri, A25BI/RM0F and Pavel, A25SP/R2AD, plan to work from Kasane (north Botswana) from 15 to 25 September 2017. 

Kasane is in the Okavango-Chobe region, in the north-east corner of Botswana (Africa). Set on the south bank of the Chobe River, it faces Namibia’s Caprivi Strip to the north; Zimbabwe and Zambia lie nearby. Kasane is a tourist hub, a jumping-off point for the Chobe National Park to the west, and Victoria Falls to the east.

The Chobe National Park teems with elephants, which together with other wild animals can be seen from 4x4s vehicles on the river road, or from a boat on the meandering river.

Bands 160-6m.

Modes CW SSB.

QSL via Buro or direct

Tnx Radio Ladies