I’m happy to inform you that Ken, JA2FJP and I have added 6m single loop antenna in our baggage.

We’ll try 6m from VP6, E5/s, E6 and T2.

A beacon calling “CQ de CALLSIGN K “on 50.095MHz will be placed and looking for 6m enthusiasts.

See you on 6m.

Our destinations are VP6 (Pitcairn), E5 (Rarotonga, South Cook), E6 (Niue), T2 (Tuvalu) and 3D2 (Nadi, Fiji) with a pair of IC-7300, an IC-706MKⅡ, a 500W linear amplifier and vertical antennas. Please see below for details.

*Band and Mode 160m to 10m, CW, SSB, RTTY

*Call sign and Period
VP6J——-Aug 25 to Sep 03
E51Q——Sep 08 to Sep 19
E6 (TBA)–Sep 20 to Sep 29
T2J——–Oct 04 to Oct 10
3D2GG—-Oct 11 to Oct 13

-Club Log OQRS (preferred)
-Direct (SAE + 2 green stamps,)  JF2MBF
-Bureau: No need to send your QSL. We’ll send QSLs to the bureau one-sidedly a year later or so for those who don’t request via OQRS or direct.
-LoTW: All logs will be uploaded to LoTW at an appropriate time.

Tnx to JF2MBF.