We’ll have a focus for stations outside Europe. please pay attention that we’ll try most of the time to work DX stations.

Europeans will have easily possibilities to contact us on our 40-30-20m stations as we’ll try to keep stations QRV as most as possible.

We use verticale pola Moxon or Yagi antennas on 15-17-20m. We’ll turn antennas depending on hours of the day and possibilties to work or Africa, or south / central America, or north America, or Asia and Pacific area. These antennas have a large pattern but wait a bit if you listen us qrp.maybe we’ll turn the antennas to you some minutes later.

RIG: 5 stations with 200 to 500w, verticale ground planes, VDA, Moxon close to the sea.

TM0SM – IOTA EU081 – DIFM: MA001 Large island, St Marcouf archipelago.

valid for ARLHS: FRA055 – DPLF: PB052 – WLOTA: 0060 – DFCF:50013.

TEAM : F4FET Gil – F5IRC Juan – F4BKV Vincent – F5RAB Antoine – F8DRA Marc – F4HAU Diego.

DATES: 9,10,11/08/2013 + 23,24,25/08/2013.

QRV from 6 to 40m SSB/CW