We receive this message from JP1LRT.

To all 6m JT65 lovers, I have a suggestion.

To make a Super DX with JT65 on 6m band multi-hop Es., we should keep quiet receiving environment.

Avoiding QRM from opposite sequence, let’s think about your TX sequence.

Simply, Western area station TX at even, Eastern area station TX at odd.

East or West, it’s based on date change line.

For example, JA is located Far East. So always TX at odd. USA is always at even.

EU, when QSO with Asian station, TX at even, when QSO with USA or SA, TX at odd.

Of course, there are exceptions, too. Please think about which area do you want to make a QSO. They are in the East from you? You will CQ at even. 🙂

Between EU and AF, AS and OC, NA and SA, it depends on the situation.

This simple rule applies to the Super DX QSO with multi-hop Es.

Short range international and domestic QSO are excluded.

How do you think? Thank you for reading my poor English.