We will be active from Trindade Is. With the callsign PQ0T in April 2015. Our expectation is that we are in the air between day 3 and 6 of April, but confirmation of the exact date depends on the Brazilian Navy. DXpedition will take place in The bands 160-6 meters CW, SSB and RTTY.

The team will consist of PP5BZ Fabio, PP5JD Jaime, PY3FJ Jacobus, PY3MM Miguel and PY3OZ Claudio. We hope to make contact with all of you. One of our goals is to work the greatest of uniques possible. We would like to allow at least one QSO with Trindade Is to all in need of this rare entity for DXCC.

Our priority will be ATNO !!!

The last activation of the Trindade Island occurred in 2011 with PP0T.

Any and all help for the DXpedition the Trindade Is will be very welcome. For more information on how you can contribute with PQ0T DXpedition 2015, please contact us by email pp5bz@hotmail.com

We met in the pile ups!!!

NOTE: PQ0T will also come in 160 meters from Trindade Is. Contrary to what we had previously reported . We only ask that everyone has a lot of patience and understand that our operation in TOP BAND is a rudimentary form, because the conditions that we have on the island. Thus, each contact that we can make, will be a victory for us all. Anyway, we will be active in 160 meters servicing the requests of many colleagues.


Tnx Fabio PP5BZ.