From the 16th to the 20th August 2013 there will be 5 YLs from different countries activating amateur radio from Kangerlussuaq.

The last YL expedition in 2010 was very successful so we 5 YLs hope this also will be that.

So in August this year the five YLs on the left will try again to give more radio amateurs around the world a chance of getting either a new country or a YL country in their log. 

We will be on the radio with call OX5YL around the clock these days to try to give as many as possible  the chance of working Yls from OX. 

All of the YLs have good training in working pile ups. Let’s only hope for good propagation whilst on Greenland.

With YLs from so many different countries we can serve you hams out there in addition to English,  also on Scandinavian languages, German, Japanese and Korean –  if needed.

We especially urge so many YLs as possible to come on the bands those days.

33, 73 es 88 de
Greenland YL expedition 2013.