IK6JRI Stefano – IK7JWX Fred – IZ8LFI Vincenzo will be active from island of Ustica EU-051 IIA PA-001.

Maybe the call will be IE9DX.

Grid Locator JM68.

Anyone who wants to join the team will be welcome. Dates: from 23 July to 30 July 2013; anyone can stay for only two days of the contest.

In the days before the contest we will transmit on WARC bands, 50 MHz, SSB, CW, digital modes. Instead, in the days following the contest we will in any modes any bands.

Anyone who wants to join the team, will have to pay a deposit of 30% will be immediately used for the booking of the location.

Given the high season and the low availability of the location, we invite you to give membership by May 20. Followed by further info via e-mail.

For info: ik6jri@hotmail.it (Team leader).

QSL manager: IK7JWX

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