From 24 to 27 september, 2015 in FORMOSA place HERRADURA, Argentina, will be activated the Grid Locator GG03UM.
LU5BE/GR     Horacio – Hoc (CW) –  (Member from Avellaneda RC)
LU8EFF/GR   Enrique  (Member from RC QRM Belgrano)
LU3AAL/GR   Leo  (Member from RC QRM Belgrano)

Band: 80-40-20-17-15-10 and 6 (50110 USB/CW).
Mode: SSB-CW-PSK31, JT65 and some other digital modes.

Will have 2 stations on HF and 1 station on 50MHz.

Contacts will be valid for:
Diploma Sistemas Hidrográficos Argentinos, del Radio Club Villa María
– Referencia Riacho Salado, DSH 001 /GR
· Diploma Permanente Operaciones de Campo, de LU7EO Avellaneda Radio Club
· Certificado Permanente 100 Ciudades distintas de Argentina – C-100-C, de LU4AAO Radio Club QRM Belgrano (Válido Art. 35, inc. h, Res. CNC 50/98).
· And contact with members from radio clubs.


QSL via
DX Stations: SASE + 2 USD or vía BURO.
Argentina Stations: SASE + franqueo simple.

QRV vía e-mail. 73

Tnx VHF-DX List.