Christian, EA3NT has joined the FT4JA team who will be on Juan de Nova from 29 March to 11 April (these dates include the unloading and loading phases). In early January, four crates of equipment will be shipped to Mayotte, which will be the DXpedition’s starting point.

To minimize problems on the bands with the concurrent DXpedition to Heard Island, “we suggested to the VK0EK team to adopt a common band plan to share the segments on the different bands”:

FT4JA will have a dedicated station for 6 metres, as the DXpedition will take place “during a period of trans-equatorial propagation (TEP), which suggests many QSO on the magic band”. The station “will operate mostly in a CW beacon mode (CQ FT4JA), whose frequency will be published in our plan.

We will switch to a transmitting position (CW or SSB only) as soon as we hear someone respond”. They also plan to try EME (JT65). At all events, their 6m QSOs “will be in addition to the rest of the contacts and not to
the detriment of our presence on the HF bands”. Read the complete latest news release, dated 18 December, on the DXpedition’s website.

Tnx 425 DX News.