Stan, LZ1GC /3D2GC/ will activate Nauru Isl. –  C21GC from 28 September till 14 October 2014. He will QRV on all HF bands /160 – 6 meters/ on CW,SSB and probably some RTTY. This will not be a vacation style operation. This will be DX ACTIVITY ! Stan will sleep 4 – 5 hours for a day and will QRV all another time on different bands and various modes, on all HF bands!

Stan will operate from Menen Hotel, Nauru Isl., IOTA OC – 31, Grid Loc. RI39LK

EQUIPMENT: Kenwood TS 480 SAT + ACOM – 1011. Kenwood TS 480 HX will backup transceiver. Antenas: EXP. GP from 40 – 10 meters and GP on 160/80/60/40 meters and He will use 12 & 18 meters high Spiderbeam fiberglass masts DONATED by  SPIDERBEAM / DF4SA and DL9USA /. On 10 meters, Stan will put up 3 el. Delta Loop fixed to Europe.Stan will use 4 El. Yagi on 6 meters band.

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