Hope everyone is having a good spring and enjoying some good weather along with some pretty decent prop on six meters and above.

Things are shaping up for the BBQ, with lots of new stuff coming your way.

We will be launching a website in the very near future, and will send out another mail soon with URL.

It will be done in phases, with the most essential info coming first.

There will also be a payment button so you can do PayPal more easily.

Hope also to feature a chat feature/bulletin board where y’all can chat each other up and we can list who’s coming!

We are re-instituting some agenda items that seem to have gotten lost over the past few years.

The first item is a time slot for “Issues” that are of concern to us all. We NEED you to speak up and send us email so that we can get these concerns listed for discussion.

The 2nd item is “Expeditions”, along with your suggestions for top 5 countries you need; countries should be listed only if they are really practical to get to; in other words, don’t list KP1 & KP 5 J.

That said, it would also be helpful to tell us if you’d like to present a topic, either in person or via teleconference.

More new stuff for this year will be tailgating and a Friday lunch.

So that’s it for now; please QRX for the live website update.


K5AND Dick and W6JKV Jimmy