9Q Congo on 50MHz

The Italian DXpedition Team (Silvano I2YSB, Vinicio IK2CIO,  Angelo IK2CKR, Marcello IK2DIA, Stefano IK2HKT and Alfeo I1HJT,  plus  Mac JA3USA for one week) will be active as 9Q0HQ  from  the  Democratic Republic of the Congo, on 10-25 March. 

They  will  be QRV with 3-4 stations  on  CW  (1826, 3530, 7025, 10115, 14030, 18068, 21030, 24893, 28030, 50102 kHz),  SSB  (3780, 7103, 14270, 18155, 21310, 24975, 28420, 50123 kHz) and  RTTY (14087 kHz). 

QSL for  this activity  only via I2YSB (direct). 

Further  information, survey, logsearch and OQRS can be found  at  www.i2ysb.com/idt.

The pilot stations will be IK7JWY and IK0FTA (for 6m); dedicated  forum on www.hamradioweb.net.

Tnx 425 DX News.