Robert M0RCX will activate Mauritius Island during May 2014. He is due to fly out from Manchester on 29 April, 2014, via a very short stop over in Dubai and arriving in Mauritius the following day.

Some Items are being shipped by cargo but some will be airline cargo to prevent not being able to operate immediately.

Although attending under his own call this is also as a representative of our club .

Robert has already tracked down one expat and will be liaising with him in the near future.

Despite a main interest in HF Robert will be keen to push JT65 HF whilst over there and allow a few stations to obtain a new square and a new country.


Equipment is primarily from Kenwood using both the TS480 sat at the TS590S.

A Hexbeam is currently on build from MW0JZE and I thank him for his Expedition price on this and speedy priority turn around.

It is likely Robert will use a homebrew rope yagi for 50Mhz pointing towards G.

Operating Frequencies

All modes as detailed. YES indicates Split and NO indicates simplex

I will try and work simplex first if conditions are busy I will announce split

6 Metres Split

Phone 50.115If working SLIT5-10 up



JT6 550.276

6 Metres may have a fixed rope yagi pointing towards G/EU and a rotatable Hexbeam

“Please email me if you wish to try a schedule on Please Spot me if you work me”.

I anticipate at least 2/3 hours per day. This is a semi holiday style activation. My family are domiciled on Mauritius anyway so will be on air more than a holiday maker